Nemesis Universe

Nemesis is an anime oriented game, that takes place in the future. Earth is long lost to human kind after the great escape from the planet ,due to reasons only told on Theologion (the most believed religion of the universe) .Time has started over from year 01 that is the day they have found their new home planet : Eden.

Year 290.047, human kind has evolved or rather has enforced evolution to occur. Various races have formed that have as ancestors the Red Blooded (humans). Technology has evolved as well in to different kinds : Steam tech (same as our own technology but far more advanced) and Madogu science (a technology that uses highly sophisticated elemental crystals and outstanding materials to function, via a tribalising methodology of crafting, almost ritualistic).

Various companies have formed strong alliances and created Councils that took their name out of the breakthrough of the Metals they have created and used at their military might as well as the race that leads it. Each Council has 10 Counselors-Ambassadors that are the political and military leaders of the councils also the diplomats and economic "managers", powerful beings that are the elite of the race they represent.

                          10 Councils

Platinum Council.
Races : Gin, Highborn Gin.
Metal : Refined Silver Steel, Silva.
Technology : The peak of the steam tech merged with madogu science in harmony.
Home Planet : Silvanus.

Lunar Council.
Races : Lunars.
Metal : -
Technology : Madogu science mastery.
Home Planet : Moon (of Eden) and all the planet-satellites of all the inhabited planets.

Adamant Council.
Races : White Blooded.
Metal : Adamantium, Zeronium.
Technology : Madogu science.
Home Planet : Eden.

Veralion Council.
Races : White Blooded.
Metal : Veralion.
Technology : Madogu science.
Home Planet : Galandus

Tenebrus Council.
Races : White Blooded.
Metal : Tenebrus.
Technology : Madogu science.
Home Planet : Esper.

Erebus Council.
Races : White Blooded, Tromos, Nagas.
Metal : Tenebrus.
Technology : Madogu science.
Home Planet : Esper.

Iridion Council.
Races : White Blooded.
Metal : Iridion.
Technology : Madogu science.
Home Planet : Ilisium.

Silverwood Council.
Races : White Blooded, Shifters, Druids, Driads.
Metal : Silverwood, Darkwood, Sacred Oak, Crystah.
Technology : Madogu science (eco).
Home Planet : Ivy

Titanium Council.
Races : Red Blooded, Red paragons, Huemen.
Metal : Titanium, Xianide.
Technology : Advanced Steam tech.
Home Planet : Mecha.

Iron Council.
Races : Red Blooded, Red Paragons, Huemen.
Metal : Titanium, Steel.
Technology : Steam tech.
Home Planet : Mecha.

    Solar Systems.

Every system lies in a different galaxy.

Primal System
-Eden.(satellite planets: Moon, Lycan ,Noa)
The first home of the new Universe.Has 3 satellite planets inhabited by Lunars.
Home to the Gueras, Northar, Vulcans, Lucians (former Kayou) ,the Terrans and the mightiest Sorcerers of the Universe .

Titan System (10 planets,3 inhabited) (great green)
The capital of the Titanium and Iron Councils.Mechanised and filled with pollution and anthrakite .Del'sol Discus (man made station) surrounds the planet like a disk...
The satellite planet of Mecha, inhabited by Lunars.
Virgal is a planet in gaseous form inside a Nebula with an asteroid belt.Around 20 big asteroids are inhabited by the Iron Eaters.
The first planet the Titanium Cousnil inhabited after Eden, until they lost it to the Golems(= cyborgs ,new age terminology) they've created only to leave and create Mecha.........
The planet inhabited by the Dragon beasts.

Stellar Forest Solar System
The capital planet of the Silverwood Council and the land of the Eldest (the oldest tree of the universe and the first planted tree).
The planet with the most silva forests of the Universe.
The planet with the most crystah forests of the Universe.
The planet with the most silver steel forests of the Universe.Home of the Gin and the Highborn Gin .
The planet with the most darkwood forests of the Universe.
A planet filled with fungi.
A planet that is a vast ocean.

Ascension System
Capital planet of the Iridion Council.
Capital planet of the Veralion Council.

Infinity System
The planet of never ending night. Home to Tenebrus and Erebus councils (part of which are also the Tromos tribe) and migrants from the Stellar Forest Solar System ,the Nagas. After an underground alliance made by the Councillor of esper and the Shade wizzards of Arcania ,a lot of which have made the dark planet their home . The unfriendly solar system is consisted of 3 planets ,Esper Thyra and the Shadow star : a Black Purple sun that heats Esper with it's radiation and not it's dark light. The solar system is slowly drained in the black hole called Spiral Void for millenia.

The hidden planet of portals. Covered by the velvet night of Esper and has a view of the black hole...

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