Existence in the world of Nemesis

Fabrics of Existence .

Existence . . .

I have occurred to this single theory . The progress of knowledge concludes to some facts but i am sure the people of this world are not ready to face them . That is a problem but its not mine to solve . This small log will unravel the very basis of the world . . . I will leave that knowledge translated with simple language so that if there is a single believer , he could understand the magnificence of the worlds he is let to live in . History changed the worlds but also the Human sentience and existence from its core . What we consider as an entity that is called human , is not only what we see and feel .
From what i have finally unraveled the human existence has multiple states of being . Each state is carried by the other in various layers of the world which will be explained later on . A human is consisted of his material Body , his Spirit , his Sentience and his Soul. 

Soul , the beginning of existence .
When someone is born , a new soul is created in the worlds . Each soul has a Gemini in this cosmos or another . The world then places this soul in its first protective layer , the sentience . When the soul has achieved this mental state of being it then creates a spiritual layer that comes from the power of this very soul . Afterwards this existence becomes whole when it enters the flesh body and the newborn baby comes to life .

Sentience , mental state of being .
The willpower to live , to change the world , to keep on going , to keep on thinking . The way of existence as an idea , as an intellect . The psychic part of every living being that expands thinking beyond imagination . I would dare to say that if God existed , he would be raw sentience , for it has the power to create and to destroy with seer will . It is the secret connection that all forms of existence share even without understanding it . This united sentience leads the multiverse to directions . This is what connects everything and everyone . Some can manipulate their sentience greatly , also known as Psionists or Psychics .

Spirit , Chakra , Mana , Soulforce .
The ghost that carries ones energy ,sentience and soul . The aura each one has , as another form of identity . It holds the capacity of ones soulforce , it projects it as energy that it could even gain non visible colors by normal eyesight . Some called it Mana , some others called it Chi or Ki , the soulforce that if someone understands how to use it , he can find greatness . Depending on the strength of ones soul , his spirit has the capacity of even more energy .
When one is born a pure human , he has a translucent aura . Pure energy , undefined by the cosmos , very similar to what some people say as Dragon element . Depending on his actions , his way of thinking and his importance , this aura can gain a color or more . Those colors that grows in his aura defines his way of being , as an ambassador of one or more elements of nature .
This ghost , this spiritual existence is locked with the body with a sacred line , called the fabric of life . Some say this part is crafted by the one fate , plexed by the second and finally cut by last of the 3 fates . So if for any reason ones spirit is separated from ones body this line is what keeps the body alive but in comatose state . If this line is cut the body dies and the spirit becomes almost certainly a ghost .
One can strengthen his spirit with many ways . One way is with understanding how to meditate and mold/ manipulate his soulforce more efficiently . Another way is to increase his raw willpower . And finally the most incredible way i have heard is to strengthen his very own soul . Those 3 ways increase the spiritual capacity of a being  , in different lengths .

Body of flesh ,bones and blood .
The body is the vessel and the protector of the spirit , the sentience and the soul . The body can effect its spirit , its sentience and its very soul . That means all forms of existence can effect the other in various ways .

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