Thursday, June 5, 2014

Animus Bringer

Animus Bringer.

   Those with a strong soul have a huge impact in the realms of existence. Such an impact, that is able to establish a link between the multiverse, able to bring forth a material projection of the connected creature, formed by the user's own soul force.
   Those that can materialize otherworldly characters out of their soul force, are the Bringers. The creatures materialized are not summoned. Those are the manifestations of the user's spirit, with their unique strengths and weaknesses, the Animus comes to battle alongside their ''wielders'', the Bringers. Those that are capable of conjuring those Spirits or Gods, are the select few that can attain this prestige class, the “Bringers”.
   It is said that a Bringer, draws forth the power of Gods that reside in other dimensions. Perhaps that is true. Perhaps they are from the past or future, perhaps , they are of today.

Original Nemesis Concept Artwork (a Half Elemental with his Guardian Animus). Artist Zorel Ozuki. 

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