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The 7 Sons of the Phoenix

Pyraurix, the Golden Phoenix.
Anonymous concept art
Throughout the ages, the great elemental of Holyflame known as Pyrgatharix, son of the Grand Elemental Phoenix, has sired a relatively small number of children, all of them sons, and all but the last of them was born while he was still roaming free.This small bloodline is spread across the eons, mostly keeping to itself, with the first six sons keeping distant but cordial relations to one another, a formidable task considering the gulf of time separating each one's birth and the simple fact they all come from different mothers. Yet they all have in common their powerful and wise father, and their considerable innate talents at sorcery, manipulating their essence and their personal reservoir of Holyflame to impressive effect.

All this changed when Pyrgatharix was imprisoned.

It might be true that he remains upon Chalkinon in some semblance of good will, not trying to escape or organize a break out. It might be true that his wisdom has benefited Jacob and his followers tremendously. It might be true that their own father does not admit he is a captive, putting up the charade of an honored guest and advisor.

But the Sons of the Phoenix do not forget, and they might as well not forgive.

While they are not hostile to the Order of the Phoenix, considering their common nature (of sorts) and goal, especially since their father has expressly forbidden them from acting directly against the Order of the Phoenix (since he knows that no matter their personal or even combined power, it would be a foolish attempt to pit it against the might of the Order and Jacob himself), they do abhor their practices, at least secretly. Both the aberrant manipulation of holyflame through their magic, and the cursed collar the founder of the Order puts on his "Knights" that masquerades as a powerful sword, grate against their ethics and mentality. They do however remain occasional allies of the Order when necessary to bring their might for support of the Order's cause, usually at the insistence of their father when he deems a cause worthy, and their frosty relationship was somewhat warmed when the Order withdrew all claim from Pyrgatharix's youngest son with one of the Order's Knights, and instead extended a permanent invitation for all of them to visit their father and stay as honored guests (this time more in spirit than in letter) aboard the Chalkinon. It was an attempt to both calm the heated tempers of the Half-Elementals and lure them to join the Order, though so far only the first has worked.

Pyrtavix, the Shadow Phoenix. Image Source: Rueme@deviantart

The 7 Sons of the Phoenix are not a true organization, but a close-knit family that stays together not only because of blood relations but also because of a common goal- eventually freeing their father from the grasp of the Order, whether through force or diplomacy. There are seven sons of the Phoenix, at least currently, each one, upon acknowledgement by his father, accepting the honorific prefix of Pyr in their name, and each one decided upon a title that best describes both his appearance and his nature.

In a descending order of age, they are:
  • Pyraurix, the Golden Phoenix, eldest of the seven, wisest, and closest to his father.
  • Pyrassix, the Jade Phoenix, scholar and scientist of the highest caliber.
  • Pyrferrix, The Iron Phoenix, warrior and swordsman without peer.
  • Pyrterrix, The Granite Phoenix, builder and protector.
  • Pyranthrix, the Black Phoenix, a wanderer dark in colour and light in mood.
  • Pyrtavix, the Shadow Phoenix, trickster, spy and rogue.
  • Pyrolix, the Silver Phoenix, the one born in captivity.

All the Sons are Half Elementals of Holyflame, courtesy of their common father, Pyrgatharix. All are also Sorcerers of Holyflame, as each one was taught by his brothers as well as their father, the finest points of the art of sorcery as well as exploring each one's talents and inclinations, from war to science and anything inbetween.

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