Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tribute to S.O.T.N, introducing Krissagrem

Krissagrem, The One Thousand Blade.
Cannot be crafted. Unique.
    A legendary longsword that was owned by an Ancient a long, long time ago. The weapon can perform multiple blows when the wielder deals one strike for that reason it was called : “The One Thousand Blade”. The materials used are unknown but the appearance of the weapon depends on the one that wields it. Krissagrem has the following abilities :
>Razor : Deals + 3 automatic aggravated damage lvl 10.
Image Source : (Sotn) Crissaegrim
>Indestructible lvl 10.
>One Thousand Strikes : When the wielder spends a number of willpower points and attacks as 1 AP, the blade uses the successes to hit and attacks additionally as many times as the number of temporary willpower points spend. The attacks are made from material, visible blades that have a random pattern, may be a thrust, slash, slice or chop from any direction the wielder would attack from. Each attack must be dodged differently with +2 Dc, unless the victim avoids the whole area of effect. Deals damage as if the wielder stroke with his own strength and skill. Krissagrem's blades may be blocked. The wielder also can attempt to block multiple projectiles / attacks at once, with one roll and as many willpower points as the attacks about to block.

Included in the Book Nemesis Worlds, Item's Compendium section.

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