Saturday, May 11, 2013

Thoughts about basic changes at core system rules.

    Although i am happy about the system that works so far for playing Nemesis Worlds, there has been feedback that suggested some changes that would reduce the calculations of battles and the such.
    I've been thinking lately of a system revamp that works well in reducing time required for dice rolling and calculations. The main concept is to have 2 sets of stats that work together in combination. For example Dexterity + Hand to Hand. Under normal conditions for someone to hit with a punch he would roll the total dice pool of both (base+skill), my idea is to have the base stat calculated as Average Total ( for example in the dexterity case it would be for Dexterity 6 ranks / 3 rounded down = 2, as automatic) and the skilled to be rolled normally. In this example for Dexterity 6 and Hand to Hand 5 it would be a roll of 2 automatic successes + 5 Dice. In the case of another roll, which already provides with additional automatic successes such as Intelligence, it would be the total average which is for example : Intelligence rank 6 is 6 Dice + 5 automatic successes, it would transform to 6 / 3 = 2 plus the auto 5 => 2 + 5 = 7 total average which does not have to be rolled in any case. So an Intelligence 6 + Meditation 5 roll would be, 5 dice roll + 7 automatic.
    In this case were all base stats are considered as a modifier which provides with automatic (certain successes) a different dice system can be used instead of D10 to provide with higher difficulties in the rolls, so that it can become a challenge but that is only a thought (D12?). In this manner some actions would be done very easy, so to counter balance that, difficulty and the number of successes would be the goal of the one that rolls, except when rolls are contested where there is no such problem.
    All those thoughts would require different character sheets and along with the name change of some skills due to trademarks the character sheets would look like this :

Front Page Experimental Character Sheet
Back Page Experimental Character Sheet
I would appreciate some feedback to those opinions, considering the fact that I've spend fourteen hours designing the character sheets and working on the dice pools and systems!!!!

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