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The Justicars

The Justicars.
    In the society of the Rune Shamans there are ten (10) tribes that hold the secrets of Occult.
  • Runed Tribe Of Mythrenus.
  • Flametongue Tribe Of The West.
  • Sealed Tribe Of The East.
  • Berserk Tribe Of The North.
  • Exorcist Tribe Of The South.
  • Soul Tribe Of Infinity.
  • Arma Tribe Of The Desert.
  • Keepers Tribe Of The Temple.
  • Golden Tribe Of The Cities.
  • Barrier Tribe Of The Tower.
    These tribes altogether form the Rune Shamans. These people are considered Red Blooded but their Deep connection with the runes have made their bloodline transform into something more special. As if the power of some Runes is passing through their Veins.
    Occult though is not a racial ability, it a secret well kept and protected by their ten (10) judges, protectors and representatives, the Justicars. Each of the 10 Justicars represents one tribe, enforce the rules of the Runic Law and protects the tribes from outsiders and from themselves. The ten (10) Justicars follow the commands of only one man, the High Justicar, who is considered to be the president of all the Rune Shaman tribes.
    The Justicars are not considered to be human, because they are not allowed to have personal needs or beliefs. Runic Law is above all and that is why they are considered to be an ideal, the Runic Law itself. Their name, erased and replaced by the number they hold in their round Justicar chamber, the Chamber of Mystics. Their left hand, used to serve justice in the circles of the Rune Shamans, is removed and replaced by a Darksteel arm powered by Arma Machina because only something that cannot yield and is powered by the runes themselves is able to serve justice in the rune tribes. Their right arm is removed and replaced by an arm of Terra, the element that destroys all other elements, which is meant to punish the outsiders who threaten the rune tribes or have stolen the knowledge of the Occult from the Shamans. Their cloth is named Coat Of Arms, a haori that is decorated with the most powerful seals of Occult, designed to protect the Justicar but as well as to serve the rune tribes. The Coat Of Arms has a teleportation circle engraved at it's back along with an advanced elemental circle, which is designed to enable any Rune Shaman to summon the Justicar via a simple Runesending and when the Justicar accepts he arrives to the place that instants to do justice. Their weapon, the Arma Nail, a darksteel Nailgun that is powered by Arma Ascendus able to fire Terra charged darksteel nails with a tremendous force. All Justicars were converted to the Sealed Tribe if the East, so that they can bind any Runebook of the Runic Law breakers and seal all those that needs to be sealed.
    The Justicars are well known even beyond the circles of the New Mythrenia because they have managed to protect to this day their tribes and the secrets of the Occult. Even from the might of the Councils.

More details of the Rune Shamans are described in the Nemesis Worlds book.

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