Friday, May 3, 2013

The Ancients

Image Source : Cthulu

    Ancient creatures of unknown origin. It is said they older than Heaven and Hell. Their form is relative. Ages past and they were forgotten. We might meet some in our dreams, bringing them one step closer to reality. We might meet them in our nightmares, as if we beg them to materialize.
    Some of us have believed in them, making them into Gods. Yes they have taken our belief and made it reality. Taken our fear and recreated themselves to manifest it. It is said that all the elder Gods were Ancients formed by the faith of humanity.
     All of the Monsters have intelligence that crossed the line of sanity. They are potent Psions that have mastery over all the skills of the kind. Their potential in that aspect was their curse and blessing. Their madness destroyed their world and left them forgotten. We brought them back. And they do not wish to leave. If one is slain, it's soul travels to Hell or Limbo or any realm of combined shadow, only to return three times stronger for revenge. Unless their soul is destroyed or captured, this circle will never end.
     They consume matter, energy, spirit and sentience. They use faith and ideas as if it was their driving force or reason for existence. They cause dementia, reality distortion, mental illness, nightmares, madness. They make Angels and Demons alike to cower, Dragons to flee. At the Eastern Kingdoms they were called Bakemono.      At the Western Kingdoms they were called Monsters. Now we call them Ancients.
Image Source : Asura's Wrath
     Some of the Ancients have managed to control their madness, focus their intellect in one purpose or separate themselves into multiple beings in order to avoid Dementia State. Some have acquired human form. Others have used any mass available so that they can roam reality. Others have planted seeds from their thoughts and their children bloomed into our worlds. Some of them cannot be defeated, others could be but one thing is for certain : They are real.

Details and more elementals, beasts and creatures will be published in the second book of Nemesis Worlds coming out the next year.

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