Thursday, May 2, 2013

Testing the game in the outer circles.

     Nowadays I am a bit troubled. How can I describe the game I've been designing for the last 9 years, in the restricted timetable of 5 hours? As a parent it feels like sending your child to the war. Although you have been training it to become a marine, still you are afraid of it's well being.
     This feelings have been brought into existence since I've been invited to present Nemesis Worlds to a circle of PnP RPG fans and game designers, at an experienced realm of the genre. The feedback and criticism is going to be crucial for me, keeping me encouraged to carry on doing what I wish to do best or stop promoting my work to the circles beyond. It is not the very first time I have showed what Nemesis is to the RPG community or to people that I do not know personally, it is just a feeling I have that keeps bothering me. I hope, this encounter, will bring more fans of this game and create a wider circle of gamers that can see what, us Nemesis roleplayers, can feel for years now : Raw fun and love for this genre, that have not been clenched even after our many years of playing the same (ever expanding) game.
      A sense of achievement that a few more people know Nemesis is not enough. I want people to play that game. Shoot questions about the game, create their own Dreamverses, ones that hopefully i could play in as a player character, generate now moves and abilities, posing them to me, implementing them to another new version of the game, OUR game...

After all, dreaming is escaping this reality, like an art that had no limits...

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