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Order Of The Phoenix.

Order Of The Phoenix.

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    In the deeper circles of the Veralion and Iridion Councils, an idea was born. That idea was pure and very strict to be manageable in the modern Era, where the worlds have mixed tradition and technology. The most fanatic of the generals that could not handle corruption of the Councils and the creatures and races that was lawfully enforcing methods that manipulated the worlds, decided to take matters in his own hands.
    The man who started this futile attempt was Jacob the Defender. For the mages of Arcania, that name was deeply intertwined with their history that followed them from the 3rd Era of the Worlds. One of the students of Kerbech Rusild, the creature that taught mankind the art of Magic. Jacob was the one who found the Sun magic in order to counter his corrupted rival, Dead Bone Talon, the first student of Kerbech but that is a different story. Jacob was thought lost in the storybooks of the Magi but his power made it clear that this man was still alive, even if millennia has passed since man left and lost the Earth.
    Jacob thought the time was critical for a new Order to be formed, able to purge the worlds of the corrupted manipulators, in any way possible. He gathered his resources and any supporters that could aid his ideas and got separated from the Alliance that bound him. That made him new enemies but also allowed him to have his personal dreadnought the Chalkinon be created and directed by him.
    The Order recruited creatures that had a sole purpose. A purpose unique for each different person but similar to the ideas of the Order : Purging the corruption. In the minds of each knight of the Order those words had different translations. Jacob thought very much so as to name his Order correctly but a mere name was not enough. That name should have a relevance to the intentions of the organization. That relevance was achieved by capturing a lower elemental creature of Holyflame, a son of the Grand Elemental Phoenix, Pyrgatharix. That dragon of Holyflame, has the shape of a magnificent bird, red, orange and yellow feathered, engulfed in it's pure flames. Despite it was held without it's own will captive in Chalkinon, the elemental was not reluctant to advise those that heeded it's words. Too proud to admit that it was captured and held prisoner, the elemental remained in it's chambers without any reference to that subject, except when talking to Jacob himself...
    The Order used only one leash to it's Knights, the cursed white sword that was offered to it's members : Aido Saiga. A weapon meant to enforce a certain path to the wielder, a path that wielder was walking upon at the time he first wielded the sword. If the user fails to do so, his soul will be claimed by the weapon. So Jacob was sure that the members of his Order would never stray from their path. 
    The members of the Order can be Sorcerers or Mages or Half Elementals of Holyflame who share the same beliefs with Jacob but also able to wield that cleansing flame in the same time.

The details of the Order of the Phoenix and the rest of the Orders as well as the history of the Nemesis Worlds will be pubished in the second book that is under construction!


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