Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One shot session report!

    Yesterday the game was tested in a circle of gamers that have a broad experience in PnP RPGs. This circle of gamers are from a club that specialize in board, card, strategy and PnP RPGs. I was astonished by their hospitality and their eagerness to learn more about the game and their love of the genre.
    The club is called Ε.Σ.ΠΑΙ.ΡΟ.Σ. and it is one of the finest examples that those kind of games are loved purely, even though the times of games are becoming more and more digitalized. The president of the club, code name Nocture, is a true gamer and was the person that invited me to present our game, Nemesis, for who I can surely tell that he is a strong supporter of designers and authors that love what they do but at the same time he provides feedback in an objective and productive way. Ε.Σ.ΠΑΙ.ΡΟ.Σ. is a cosy gamer's "house" with many tables for card and board games, role players and game designers. I was lucky to also have a Dungeon Master and a game designer along with the president of the club attend my tabletop one shot game.
    My hopes are high for this place, earnest players and proud DMs keep the the spirit of our genre in a top notch shape. I hope our game got some interest and the love for our creation was shared in a tinny bit.

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