Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Of Gods & Religions

Of Gods & Religions.
    At the final Era of Nemesis Worlds, some religions have been established due to the events that saved the human race some millennia ago. Other religions started to flourish as time passed by, as man wandered deeper into spiritual exploration.
    The first religion of the new age was named Theologion. It was based on the story of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who were said to have brought both destruction and salvation to the mankind. The stories and hymns of the Horsemen had two aspects though. One was that of the Bright Theologion, which made the Horsemen look like messiahs and the the other was the Dark Theologion, which described them as destroyers of the world. Both of those “Bibles” had their share of truth and myth at the same time.
Who were the Four Horsemen? They were four Archdemons, Pit Fiends blessed by the Pure One. Those that have been accepted by the Eight Princes of Hell in the Pilgrimage of the Sins.

Belmar who bore the sin of Violence.
Aenaeon who bore the sin of Sadomasochism.
Azael who bore the sin of Pride.
Legion who bore the sin of Murder.

Their arrival was announced by a creature that was a Devourer, raised from the Dead only to fall in the depths of Hell and become a demon, the Harbringer of Apocalypse, Amon who bore the sin of Gluttony.

    Those creatures were the only men that took their bodies and cast them into Hell, looking for vengeance to the Archdemon who took the soul of their brother in arms. They did not die, they willingly threw themselves into the pits of darkflame, defiling their existence in the process. In that quest, their soul became corrupted and vile, yet their purpose stood still. They achieved the Pilgrimage of the Sins and managed to lock Hell and put a stop to the Apocalypse. With their Ark, they took all the survivors of the mankind and lead them to a new cosmos, the first planet inhabited after the Earth was lost to man, which was named Eden.
    Their actions were not those of saints. They were the ones who ignited the flames of the Apocalypse. Although the tales of their lives differ, as it was recorded in the Theologion, Bright and Dark.

Details of the Nemesis Worlds history, religion, Gods, Eras and the such, will be explained in detail in the upcoming book, the Campaign setting of Nemesis Worlds.


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best thing is that 3 out of the four horsemen were player characters x)