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Introducing the Dark Arts (Version 1.1 of Nemesis Worlds )

Dark Arts.

Dark Arts is a modified use of Demonic occult, also known as transmutation. Found by the Court of the Seraphans and the Court of the Daevas, that ruled the underworld during the 3rd Era of the Worlds. As generations came to pass and the Court came to extinction due the Apocalypse, one of the few survivors of the Court fled to the realm of the living and managed to get a one way ticket to the new found planet and hope of mankind : Eden. There his trade was passed down to one of the renown families of the Rune Shamans who later on was known as the Soul Shamans.
    The man who passed down the Dark Arts to the Shamans is named Izanami the Dragoon, who still up to this day, even after thousands of years, serves still as one of the 10 Justicars (Justicar No 3) that protect and enforce the rules of the Rune Shamans.

Dark Arts
There are 3 types of Dark Arts : Way Of Destruction, Way Of Binding and Way Of Creation. To cast any form of those Dark Arts categories, firstly Runic Rites (Occult 1st rank) must be placed at all the fingertips of the one willing to become a Dark Artist. That happens because every time a Dark Art casting occurs, a tattooing sequence commences.
The name Dark Arts was used because the casting of any of any of the ways is a charismatic, instant or long lasting, body, material or air painting that defines the casting potency of the art. The better the performer the stronger the effect. So before any Dark Art casting occurs, roll charisma + performance.
For one to become a Dark Artist, there is a required creativity that this person must posses. So passion is necessary trait (GUTS) :

Dark Art Limitations
Passion Rating (GUTS)
Dark Arts Max obtainable level
A soul Shaman with rank 1 Passion can obtain up to
10 levels of Dark Arts
A soul Shaman with rank 2 Passion can obtain up to
20 levels of Dark Arts
A soul Shaman with rank 3 Passion can obtain up to
30 levels of Dark Arts
A soul Shaman with rank 4 Passion can obtain up to
40 levels of Dark Arts
A soul Shaman with rank 5 Passion can obtain up to
50 levels of Dark Arts
For rank 6+, max rank increases by +10 lvls until rank 100.
    Some Dark Arts that provide permanent effects that drain the vital energy of the caster (so there might be an additional exp cost at the creation of the art). The Dark Arts are taught only to the Soul Shamans and the strength of the manifestation depends on the caster. The teachings of the Dark Arts are precious and are not easily found because the keepers of the knowledge fear of the power they provide.
     Every Dark Artist has a pool named "Pathos" that occurs from (passion x 5) + charisma. Pathos is used to perform any of the Dark Arts. That pool is the delirium influence of the character that is able to transform the world (!). Pathos pool does not regenerate when used. It is replenished only when the artist performs a kata-dance named : "Ghost Dance". Because demonic occult was easily cast by the Demons who entered delirium constantly, which enabled them to refill their Pathos pool, the humans needed to reproduce that demonic effect in a version that could be achieved by a mortal coil. To do so Izanami the Dragoon, when was still a Court member of the Daevas, formed the Ghost Dancers, who together found the various Ghost Dances that are passed down to the generations of the Soul Shamans up to this day.

    The actual Dark Arts effects are described in the Nemesis Worlds book. Dark Arts and Ghost Dances are implemented into the Version 1.1 of Nemesis Worlds. Owners of Version 1.0 can contact me and I will send them the PDF files of final book Version (1.1 at the moment).

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