Saturday, May 4, 2013

Introducing the Celestials, Race of Nemesis

Fallen Celestial, Image Source :
    A mysterious race of winged humans that appeared one century after Guardia was first inhabited. Some say they are half-breed Angels, others suggest they are Owl shifters, I would agree with the first opinion.
They inhabit the Floating Islands and they are a peaceful race, focused on Arts, Philosophy, beauty and creation. Their appearance is stunning as they are magnificent beings, resembling perfect humans but winged.
They believe in Heaven, Hell and God, not the Theologion. They tend to aid other races when facing evil (according to them) or perilous situations. They fall in love once in their life time and only to a partner that is as beautiful as them or more (!). They can breed only one offspring in their lifespan.
    They are adept sorcerers of light, life and Holyflame. Some are born blind with Angelsight (Tensigun) Ocular ability. They have a great natural regeneration rating. Most of them follow a simple life focused on their Art. Their wings are their pride, that they show off whenever they have an opportunity and only hide them when they feel they would be threatened if they showed their nature. Their life span is around 600-700 years and when they are feeling the grasp of death on their doorstep, their wings start to fall. Unable to bear such a life they start a flying journey of no return until the last feather drops and they drop with it. Most of the Celestials are Telepaths.
    On the rare occasion that a child with 2 pairs of wings is born, the Celestials know who will be their next leader. Their home planet is Guardia and they live on the Levistone complex city Celest, a gift of the Terrans that symbolizes their eternal alliance. The Celestials are considered to be one of the Old Races.
    Fallen : Celestials might become “Fallen” due to changes in their mental state. If that happens their elemental resistance skill converts to Shadow, Death, Darkflame and their wings turn black. Their beliefs change into the opposite and their kind nature is as if it never existed. Celestials face the Fallen as prime enemies, that are to be killed on sight by their warriors even if once they used to be amongst friends.

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