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    Lucifer, the most beautiful angel, the bringer of light. He was an artist, a creator and mighty among the archangels. Though he felt that humans did not deserve the attention of God. Angels should instead take their rightful place besides Him. He tempted them, he wanted them to fail his love and he succeeded but the cost was high. God was angered and his wrath drove Michael, his mighty Archangel charge Lucifer in fury. The light bringer did not wish to battle with his brother but before he even realized he was cast off heaven and into the Abyss, the world of endless silence.
      When Lucifer was cast down from Heaven and into the Abyss, his anger slowly grew. He lost all light from his spirit. Lucifer the light bringer, the artist and creator, the one who could sing the sounds of Genesis in a Divine form, the most beautiful and graceful Archangel, was thrown into the plain that was devoid of light, sound and creation. In his despair the fires in his soul were burning, having lost the purity of the Heavenly Holyflames he enraged in a wave of flames, he screamed and roared and the Abyss was torn. The shadow of the Abyss and the fire of his spirit mixed into an element that created Hell itself, the Darkflame.
A Winged Demon in Apocalyptic Form, Source : Blood+
     When Lucifer created Hell, he unlocked Darkflame and became it's master. The master of a new Realm, perhaps awaiting his arrival. Where he landed, he screamed and Hell was split in half, creating a canyon that separates east from west in that foul realm. Hell was meant to torture, as if God has foreseen the outcome, or perhaps, created it. Though Lucifer was there a God, the second known God to mankind. Hell did not allow time to run as in other realms, Hell tortured even through time. In his torment, Lucifer split his soul in three, sustaining a part of himself to existence and the remaining two was named his weapons. Onimaru, or the Pure One (Pure Demon) and Kazuki, or the Nameless One.
     His two children were created to take a role meant to be enforced into eternity. For their birth, Lucifer handed them gifts. To the Pure One he gave Hell, named him the absolute Ruler of the realm and the creatures that would inhabit it. The condition of his creation was one : All Demons must stay in Hell, all mortals must stay in the Realm of God and Angels in Elysian Fields. No creature is above those laws and every time that happens, it is a failure to his existence. To the Nameless One he gave the Cloak of Darkness, the fragment of Abyss that was torn when Hell was made, covered his pale body, meant to protect him from all harm, as anything that was thrown upon it's surface would be thrown into Abyss. He took the power of the element that was fueling the realm and blessed him with it's might, so that he can defile without the need to act and finally uttered his rules : You, Nameless One, are the message of Hell on Earth. But heed my words, you cannot kill a mortal, you cannot own servants neither living or dead for your are the evil that will roams in the minds of man, an idea, tempting and dark as my gifts to you, as your existence.

Details of the Nemesis Worlds history, religion, Gods, Eras and the such, will be explained in detail in the upcoming book, the Campaign setting of Nemesis Worlds.

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