Friday, May 3, 2013

Elemental Dragons of Nemesis

Image Source : Deviant Art for Fairy Tail


    Each Elemental is what we call a Dragon. Actually those are the True Dragons and they are not to be mistaken with dragon beasts that are an animal type. They all live in the spectral realm of the spirits and they are the source of energy of the world. A Dragon is a representative of an Elemental energy, if a true dragon has it's soul destroyed then the element itself is weakened.
     There are various Elemental Dragons . The Ultimate Elementals are unique and are the fathers of the Grand Elementals (unique as well) who are the fathers of the Basic Elementals (8 of each element) who in turn are the fathers of the Lower Elementals that are many in number. All Elementals are intelligent beings, not all of them are bright but the higher their rank the higher their intellect.
     True Dragons have a spiritual and a material form, though it is forbidden by the ancient Elementals to materialize, some did and thought the humans the ways of occult, Elemental manipulation, sorcery and even blessed some humans with the soul of a true dragon (the half-Elementals), creating a new race. True Dragons have the behavior that is defined by their element, that has nothing to do with good or evil.
     Any of the Elementals may choose a human to aid him in a great purpose. The way the Elementals usually aid people, is by becoming the spirit companions of the chosen who takes the role of the Host to the Elemental. In this manner if the Elemental allows so, the host may use the soul force (Elemental soul force) of the True Dragon as if it was his own. Also if they synchronize well the Host my even summon the True Dragon in his material form to aid him (for a limited amount of time).

Details and more elementals, beasts and creatures will be published in the second book of Nemesis Worlds coming out the next year.

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