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Demon Prince Alvarech & The Tower Of Babel

The Tower Of Babel.
    The tallest tower of Hell, second only to Pandemonium which is the tower of the Pure One. It is a tower consisted of 66 levels, where each level on the outside resembles an enormous floor but in the inside it is a Dreamworld crafted by Alvarech himself, making him the lord of 66 dimensions which are deeply connected with Hell. Tower of Babel originates from the actual tower made on earth, which God has stroke, sending it directly in Hell, which made the foundation stone of the Demonic Prince's tower. Alvarech's throne lies on the final floor which has no walls, only the pillars that hold the roof. From there Alvarech sees all of Hell, and with his wings spread, he covers his city, Babel, the second biggest Demonic city of Hell.

1st Of The Demon Princes
Alvarech, The Winged One.
    The First of the Demon Princes. The Keeper of the Skies. Commander of 666 legions named The Exalted Legions. He commands powerful archdemons such as Dantalion the Duke of Xaod, Astaroth the Grand Duke of Astaria, the Marquis Amon and Murmur as well as the High General Forneus the Undefeated and his Legion the Darkwing, the leading force of the Exalted Legions.
Concept Art for Nemesis Worlds. Artist Σωτήρης Μπάκας (aka Zorel)
     Alvarech's primal sin, is Pride and his strongest demonic power lies in his Wings. Alvarech is called the Winged One because his wings could become as wide as his whole city, which easily equals the size of a continent. When he flies, the winds of Hell scream violently and the clouds subside or form terrible tornadoes. He prefers to stay in Apocalyptic form, having his wings in normal analogy with the angelic body of his. He is pale and his hair are black like the color of a crow, covering the teenage face of a man he was gifted with. At the base of his throne, lies Doom, his weapon, which is said to be the previous Lord of Hellfire, forged in a double edged greatsword, able to adjust it's size to it's wielder's and potentially shoot out darkflame with force that equals to the power of a fallen Prince. Alvarech even when fighting, has no visible armor donned (though his armor packs have no penalties) and uses no other artifact, other than his Memory Stone, which he has planted next to his heart. He always fights in his Demon Form, without having the full extend of his demonic powers unleashed and specially his wings. In his Demon form, his slim figure is pitch black of a 3 meters demon, who has two horns in the shape of a ram. His face as if wearing a mask that has a lip-less closed maw of sharp fangs, extended from the place where his ears where supposed to be and only when in fury does the maw open, showing that it is his true visage. He has a pair of dark eyes glowing from the eye sockets, that pierces the will with their gaze. His size is controlled to that amount but his armor packs are enough to absorb the damage dealt by a legion of Pit Fiends. He is agile and strong and when facing an opponent of equal or more power than his own, only then he unleashes his War Form, which is that of 1km tall demon with wings that stretch to the horizon, able to blow of cities when they move. Even at his War Form, Alvarech's Pride does not allow his appearance to become that of a corrupted visage, though terrible and awe-striking, Alvarech is considered to be a Demon resembling in many aspects a Dark Angel.

    His behavior is that of a Proud warrior, honoring to the letter the commands of the Pure One. His words are few, keeping silence as a valuable treasure, speaking in grace only when times demanded him to. The need of respect towards his figure, is earned by both allies and foes, via battle or politics, both of which he excels. The style of politics he uses is that of a powerful monarch, who listens and acts to the needs of the time, not the one that pulled the strings of grand schemes. The demons of his Domain, creatures who bear the sin of Pride as well, all winged hunters of the Infernal Skies. His weakness, the Tower of Babel, along with his Darkwing Legion, the two sources of his Pride...  

More details about the Nemesis Worlds history, religion, Gods, Eras and the such, will be explained in detail in the upcoming book, the Campaign setting of Nemesis Worlds.

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