Friday, April 12, 2013

Some words from the author (book introduction)

Nemesis , 
    the spirit that was there to cast Divine Retribution to those that succumbed to Hubris. This book you now hold in your hands is a collection of my dreams, that managed to be forged under one tome, first but not last, of our Worlds.
    This book, for some might seem as a broadsword that has no silver finishing or gems to make it appear beautiful and stunning, no engravings that serve as a garment to it's metal. To me that book is indeed a broadsword, one that had many battles, killed many creatures, crushed many obstacles that stood in my way. Now dented and rough, I know that it is made of steel that does not rust with time, does not break or bend, knows not of time or rust. Nine to eight years I have been forging it along with my blacksmiths. They tested it's might all, one by one, they slashed and sliced with it, pierced through my mind and gave me courage to carry on and finally bring it to you, battle ready. This is your broadsword now. Take good care of it. Remember who forged it and he will remember you as well.
    This sword is not flawless. Should you find the flaws I made when writing this book, contact me. Do so with the corrections of my mistakes and at the next version of this book you will be thanked in pubic, your name will be published at the credits. Should you help me enough and constructively, you will be my collaborator for a new book and your ideas will be forged as well as our newborn sword.
    Nemesis is a setting, designed to hold a grand stage for epic battles, especially for those that are fans of Anime, Video Games, Comics etc. This system was created and tested for a very long time before being presented to you as a book. Players that have understood and played at Nemesis Worlds, found it hard to turn to another game. The potential of the system cannot be contained by rules, as this book is a tool for the storyteller / dungeon master / narrator to create his own Dreamverse, be the God of his own domain, being able to create new spells, special moves and the such with ease. Actually Nemesis is encouraging players and storytellers/dungeon masters to come up with new ideas and bring them to life. Those ideas, I would be honored to write down, should they agree with the system in the versions/books to come.
    I would advise the Gods of this game to read it thoroughly because it contains information that is suppressed in around 300 pages of pure system. It is, as if one obtained a set of R.P.G. books molded into one.
First lies the Player's Handbook. It is designed for the players to create their own class, choose their race and abilities and be unleashed in the worlds of Nemesis. Then there is the Grimoire Of Spellcraft. It is created for the spell casters, rune artists and the mystical characters of the worlds. Finally there is the Item's Compendium. It is a book that holds all the required information one needs to forge a simple sword or an advanced mechanical armor, allowing this game to be played at any time line decided by players and script writers. Enjoy it. My players and I still do...

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