Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ryuga the Dragon Shifters

   The children of the dragon god. Warriors and great enemies of the Tiger clan. They left their homeland because of their grudge against the Tiger clan after their loss at their first war with the Demon Lords.
    Their might becomes clear when they breathe upon their victims. They travel easily because they think that no land is home to them. They only return to their birthplace to mate and continue their bloodline, so that they can never be forgotten. This does not happen though if they have kept contact with a Dragonian of the other sex... They think that the dragon god cursed them upon their creation so that they can never obtain their dragon form. So they can only shape shift to half Dragon half men. This curse happened right after their loss to the Demon lords war (a previous forgotten Era while humans still lived at the long lost Earth). So they await for the one Dragonian who is able to become full dragon again., .
    The Dragonians first home was Eden, living at Draxxar amongs the other Dragon related clans, the Half elementals (Drakens) and the Grimorians (elemental tamers). The White Blooded treated the races of Draxxar as outcasts because they did not belong to a Council and the difference in their ways of life. The Rune Shamans of Mythrenus shared the same outcast fate as their neighbors so they formed an alliance to keep their lands. Because of their poor and small countries that have not embraced high tech weaponry and did not own vast armies they were forced to leave Eden. Efforts of the Order of the Dragonslayer made the Dragonians find a new home at Guardia, creating the New Draxxar there. With the valuable aid of the Tenth Justicar and the Starfury Groop they gained a new homeland at Guardia.
Ryuga / Dragonian Bloodline Traits
Morph : A form between man and Dragon.
-At Were-Dragon form the Dragonians gain : +1 strength, +3 stamina, +3 flight (may advance with experience points).
-Dragon Scales : Damage Negation = stamina rating.
-Claws : Damage = strength +1 dice aggravated damage.
-Wing Claw : Damage = strength +1 dice aggravated damage.
-Wings : Damage Negation = stamina rating x 3. Health levels / wing = stamina rating.
-Dragon's Breath : To hit roll stamina + athletics. Damage level = meditation rating / 2 rounded down. Can use -Dragon's Breath in two ways :
-Channeling Cone Breath : 10m range, 35 degrees. Damage = SF spent in dice (result x2) /Ap.
-Dragon's Blast : 100m range blast. Damage = SF spent in dice (result x2) / 1 Ap. Also +1 pierce level / 10 SF spend.
-Beastless : Cannot take full Dragon form.
-Elemental Type : Natural element immunity. They can pick 1 element, that defines their breath element, scales and eyes color : Fire, Darkflame, Holyflame, Ice, Acid, Shadow, Light, Thunder, Life, Wind, Firestorm, Meteo, Unholy Wind, Death, Cosmic Wind.
-Single Affinity : Dragonians have 1 Elemental Affinity. That of their Elemental Type.

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