Thursday, April 25, 2013

Powerful Artifacts : Eadal

Cannot be crafted. Unique.
A legendary Gauntlet made of Darksteel, imbued with potent pain energy. The Gauntlet covers the left arm of the wielder and anyone that dons it once cannot remove it until death or if the limb is permanently severed. Eadal was said to be the left arm of Anima, the Grand Elemental of pain but this is only a Myth. Eadal provides the user with the following abilities :
>User can have his SF used as if he was a Half-Elemental of Pain.
>User gains Pain SF pool 100.
>User feels pain but has no penalties from it. Also he gains a natural understanding of pain feeling a certain pleasure with inflicting and receiving pain.
>Eadal can be used to block elemental blasts via a successful parry, covering the whole user from it.
>Eadal is indestructible all levels.
>If used to punch it deals strength + 2 automatic aggravated damage and +1 pain penalty lvl 5 that lasts 1 day.
>If the user is a Necro Mage-Blade is granted access to level 6 pain elemental circle.
>If the user is a pain Sorcerer is granted the knowledge of all Pain techs.

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Nice list. Thanks for the info.