Saturday, April 13, 2013

Powered Armors

Have you ever tried playing a mecha in a rpg? At Nemesis world, it is highly recomended!
I proudly present you a sample of Madogu Sience, the Light Golem Armor. Included in the Nemesis Worlds book!

 This armor type is a full plate at normal humanoid size. It actually resembles a futuristic full plate. Behind the shell of the strong armor lies Silva liquid metal that form muscles to enhance the pilot's strength and might. A light charged jade crystal stands at the helmet as a glowing eye that receives video and projects it at the interior, leaving the impression to the pilot that he is not wearing head gear. A wind charged jade crystal, cools and provide with never ending air to the pilot. At the place of the heart a Dragon charged jade crystal functions as the armor generator. A silence charged jade crystal receives sound and transfers it to the pilot adjusted. Weight capacity is the maximum load the armor can withstand to run normally. Each item carried or added to the armor has a weight modifier, user must carefully choose what his armor carries in order to avoid getting overweight. The light armor provides it's user with the following stats :

Silver Steel and Silva Sample Light Golem Armor.
If heavier metals than silver steel are used then add a -1 penalty/additional weight modifier at dexterity, athletics, acrobatics, flight. If lighter metals are used then the armor potential increases by +1 at the same stats. If harder metals are used then adjust damage negation and armor points (table that defines hardness modifiers of metals). If softer metals are used adjust as well. Also if different liquid metal is used (other than Silva) for the muscles adjust strength as well.

>Damage negation 5 auto.
>Armor points 40 (shock proof).
>Strength rating pilot's + 5.
>Can use the athletics rating of the pilot, max 6 ranks(no penalties, reduced or augmented via pilot skill).
>Can use the dexterity rating of the pilot, max 6 ranks(no penalties, reduced or augmented via pilot skill).
>Armor Max Weight capacity = total strength automatic successes x 10.
>Booster Part Slots x 4.
>Shoulder Slots x 2.
>Side Arm Slots x 2.
>Leg slots x 2.
>Jump Drive Slot x 1.
>Force Field Slot x 2.

Sample Pictures to define different technologies (samples from Zone Of The Enders and Front Mission)

Madogu Science
or Energa Tech

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