Friday, April 12, 2013

Nemesis Worlds book Launched!

Nemesis Worlds Book launched!
-30 races,
-300 pages of pure system,
-3 books into one (Player's Handbook, Grimoire of Spellcraft, Item Compendium).
-Tons of spells, items, special moves, fighting styles, secret arts...
-Skills/attributes breakdown.
-Advanced D10 system, with explanations for impressive anime style fights,
-Crafting, spell creation and elemental magic at it's best!
-Support, you have questions? I will answer. You are the storyteller of this world and i ll be around to help you.
-Continue points (fate points) revolutionary system for alternative PCs dead-survival.
-9 years of testing.

-Designed in an Anime style orientation. Able to play any era and style :
 >Space Opera
 >Cyber Punk
 >and  many other styles, supported and intergrated into one game.                                              
Order your book via e-mail at (Greece orders only, for deliveries abroad contact via email and we ll figure it out).

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