Friday, April 19, 2013

Introducing a new RpG feature : Posing Points !

Bakuretsu Tensi, Protagonist Posing, even while wearing a cape
Posing Points.
During or at the end of a session the storyteller rewards the players with Posing Points. This is a system to reward players that are successful in role playing an “anime protagonist”. It an be a reward of posing points during a spectacular battle or a fascinating scene entry, even a punchline after a completed pose! A battle in an aw some fight is not only about winning, it is about winning in an awesome way!!! Even those that loose a fight can get their posing points if they were behaving as rocking as a protagonist in a manga would.
-Spend 10 posing points to restore 1 temporary willpower point
-Spend 5 posing points to have an additional automatic success (1success / 5 posing points) at any roll. Must be announced prior the roll.

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