Sunday, April 28, 2013

Introducing an original race : The Narthani

    Creatures born in the Tower of Babel, Demon Blooded, share some common features with their Half-Demon "relatives". It is said that the Narthani are half Imp and half Human. This weird tribe has many tales to tell.
    They trust few, being trusted by even fewer people, as greed is a sin they cannot break free. Their life span is half a millennia, making them having a lot of hobbies to tend to, one of which is their art of blacksmithing. Most of them are born males and their Impress is the only female which mates with the Narthani Champion every year to lay her eggs. Narthani are born short and they do not grow much taller for the rest of their lives. They are born along with a parasitic organism, their cape, that works as a second skin, the cocoon they had as eggs, which also serves as their mouth. When it is closed, the mouth that is located at their belly, is hardly seen, even though it is as wide as the front of their waist. Their cocoon – cape, covers their head as a hood. Below that hood lies their face, which is filled with elemental shades, letting only their single eye show, that glows in a green. If their cocoon is peeled off, it is like having a human stripped of skin. Their voice is emitted by the shadows that cover their faceless head and the mouth located at their belly can only produce screams, grins and noises but cannot utter speech.
    Most of the Narthani are cowards, only those that train to fight work on their courage. Only a few let the the safety of the Babel tower and their personal level and status to seek out what lies on the world outside. What made their population grow in the outer world (outside the Babel tower) was the great escape of an outcast Impress along with her champion, whose offsprings are the new generation of the Narthani of the outer world. In general the Nathrani loathe themselves, even those considered siblings (the eggs that hatched the same hour are considered siblings) but when facing a mutual danger, they unite to face the common foe. Their drink, Nixenwizz, made of night berries and distilled arachnid poison, is the only way to gather multiple Narthani together for a goal, getting drunk and wild, until the alcohol ends along with their temporary gathering.
    Their trade is blacksmith arts with their specialty : Demonforging. They are of the few Bloodlines (except the true Demons) that know of Transmutation as well. Also they get along with beasts of the shadow forests and those that lurk during the night, as they are good at taming them.  

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