Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Introducing the Berserker Fighting Style

Image Source : wallpapervortex

Berserker (Fighting Style) : Self Control never higher than 1st rank, Stamina 5, Strength 5, Courage 5.
      The warrior can initiate berserk, rolling (1 Ap) a stamina Dc 6 to determine the Rounds Berserk is active, once / scene. While at berserk the warrior has x2 his auto successes of strength, does not have penalties from wounds, can resist pain up to level 2 and has a +1 Dc to hit (brawl melee etc). While at that state he cannot perform seals/spells/techs, he soaks lethal damage with stamina rating, and negates bashing damage = stamina rating, he gains also temporary health levels = stamina rating x2. His enemies receive No mercy while at berserk but this does not mean that he loses his mind, unless provoked when he must roll self control check +3 Dc in order to avoid attacking friendly creatures.

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