Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Introducing the Arsenal : Firearms

Use a good base to stabilize your weapon (Source H.O.T.D.)-
Enhanced Automatic rifle.

>range 3km

>single shot damage=+4 dice +3 auto = Lethal

>multi shot 10 bullets single target damage=+4 dice +3 auto = x2 Lethal dc +4

>area shot 10 bullets damage=+5 dice +3 auto = lethal dc +3

>ammo type : bullets

>ammo capacity 15 (until next reload)

>reload time 2 AP

>can get scope and silencer and laser targeting beam (only personnel rifles can get those upgrades)

>can get grenade launcher upgrade

>used by 1/2/3


Over fifty (50) samples of firearms, missiles, rockets, BFGs (!), elemental energy weapons, for personnel, mecha or even spacecrafts, available at the third section of Nemesis Worlds book. Also enhance them, adjust them, or create your own, using special ammunition and custom settings.

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