Saturday, April 13, 2013

Epic Item Introduction : The Wraithread


    When one hundred wraiths gather under a night of the Underworld in a common cause even the Dragons tremble. When one hundred wraiths gather in unity under a common cause it means that the shadows themselves have chosen someone to manipulate, someone to guide, someone to follow. One hundred dark wills, one hundred whispers, one hundred thoughts, one hundred dark veils – under one creature's mind, over one creature's skin. Wraithread is a cloth armor formed out of one hundred wraiths. They always whisper to the one they choose as their owner, they devise plans, attempt to corrupt, save and seduce. One to truly conquer Wraithread must have strong will, or the hundred wraiths will absorb the personality of the owner who will become owned. Wraithread is a ragged pitch black cloth robes that has extended fibers and torn stripes move as if they were tentacles. It has a dark aura that blends with the night but fades at the light. It has a big hood that does not allow anyone to see the face of the one that wears it, covering it with darkness, allowing only the eyes to glow through it in a ghostly glare. The Wraithread has the following abilities :
>Owner must have willpower 9+ to keep a leash on Wraithread or becomes a NPC.
>When hood is worn, user gains shadow vision, enabling to see through the shadows and in any darkness.
>Daylight makes Wraithread cower and hide inside the owner's normal clothes, dealt double damage from light.
>It can extend stripes of cloth for 20m, that can move with strength = user's.
>It can take the size of a single belt instead of the normal cloth size.
>Under low light conditions it provides with max stealth rating and max intimidation rating.
>It has 100 armor points and it is shockproof, regenerating 1 armor point / R.
>It can convert the user's SF to shadow SF as if the user was a half-elemental of shadow. If the user can already manipulate shadow SF then manipulation doubles, meaning 1 SF deals 2 damage (or if double already, it triples).

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