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Bonus Material, Prestige Class : Order Of The Beholder (Available to the owners of Nemesis Worlds)

Order of the Beholder.

Beholder, the mythical monster with a magical eye that could cast deadly rays. A potent psionic creature able to float and control the mind of his victims, with his tentacles striking fear and awe.
A monster that haunted the dreams of a legendary psion, one of the Counselors of Luna, Vegas the Clairvoyant. This dream or rather this nightmare was there, at his sleep ever since he has become a counselor. To redeem himself from this monster he felt he needed to pay a tribute to the creature so he started his search among the planets to find a capable silence sorcerer to aid him. So he did, he found Morpheas Musuka, self proclaimed Dreamlord, who aided him... They traveled together in his Dream and found the creature...
Vegas then knew what to do. He initiated a search of potent Psions, Lunars or not and slowly the Order of the Beholder was created. The creature of his dreams offered power but in return it had a single request : the annihilation of the Devourers (Yukai) and the monsters (Bakemono), their bodies spirits and souls. A deal accepted by Vegas and from the rest of the Order.
The knowledge provided by the Beholder, the Dreamlord and the Lunar Counselor along with the resources they possessed made it possible to create the Order of the Beholder. Along with the agenda of the Beholder, Vegas and Morpheas had their own portfolio. This passed through their chain of command, aiding in the formation of an order that is not bound by Councils, politics and such, making it possible to do their monster-devourer hunting missions while accepting other tasks that could improve their income.


  • For someone to enter the Order of the Beholder, the following psionic skills are mandatory : Telekinesis 6, Psionic Matter 5(sphere of the psion s. move) , Telepathy 5, Telemetry 5, Teleportation 6.
  • He must be computer wise of rank 5 at least.
  • He must be able to dream.
  • He must have a Nerve Slot.
  • He must always carry with him or have part of his body a control tentacle.
  • He must be ready to accept the Road Of The Allseing Eye until his mind stops functioning.

Rite of initiation.

The potential initiate of the Order, during his sleep receives a calling to someone's dream. A strange door appears in his own dream that beacons him to enter. If he accepts to do so and enters, he finds himself inside the Dream Spiral of Vegas. His Dream Spiral which is consisted of rock made cubes of various sizes that hover in a dark void. Each cube has it;s own gravity. On the biggest cube the only one that does not move lies the Colossal Beholder and in front of it the leaders of the Order in their Dreamwill State along with Morpheas and Vegas are waiting.
They commence a mental conversation with the potential initiate and if he accepts the laws of the Road Of The Allseing Eye, they perform idea implants that enforces their Laws and the growing abilities of their Order into the initiate's mind.
The Road Of The Allseing Eye :

  1. I shall hunt and slay the Monsters.
  2. I shall hunt and slay the Devourers.
  3. Always shall I protect the dreams of my Order.
  4. Every time I sleep, a part of my dreams will be devoted to the Dream Spiral of our Dreamlord..
  5. Never shall I reject a calling in my dreams if it be from my Order.

Then the Beholder opens his Eye and gazes at the initiate while one of his tentacles touches the Sphere of the Psion of the initiate. The sphere starts to glow with a red aura and an ancient ideogram of the Beholder is inscribed on it. With tremendous force and speed it enters the initiate's left eye socket destroying his natural eye and replacing it with the red sphere of the psion. His eye is now called Eye Of The Beholder.

Class Levels.

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