Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some news...

Hey guys I just wanted to remind you of some of the blog features.

If you want to check out the implemented races of Nemesis so far check out the page Bloodlines.
We have a new Forum page i am so proud of!!!So don't forget to post all your thoughts/questions/ideas there, helps me provide better stuff for players and GMs this way., a new link is there waiting for you to check out : The Order of the Soul Warden prestige class.

By the way i wanted to post a picture i found in the Internet, that resembles a city of the world, just to inspire .

Also I am posting an image of Armored Core game, that resembles the Upcoming implementation of the crafts system and the Armor system (called Golems) that play a major military role at Nemesis Worlds.

Also the Orders remaining to be published will be daily implemented (or at least if my wife don't hunt me down for the time is spend here :P).

Till next time take care!

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