Friday, November 11, 2011

Grimoire of Spellcraft.

Hi guys, I know i have not post stuff for sometime now but that is happening because I am working on a project for the Rpg.

It will be called Grimoire of Spellcraft and it will be my first complete job of a book effort. This book will not contain raw text meant for experienced readers of pnp rpg books. It will be a complete book that contains some of the most interesting stuff of the Nemesis game.

Some of the Book Contents :
  • The Mage-Blade Prestige Classes (a mage that designs his/her own spells)
  • Necro Mage-Blade.
  • Sun Mage-Blade.
  • Blood Mage-Blade.
  • Spell Designing system for the Mage-Blades and historical data.
  • Sorcerer Prestige Class extended.
  • The complete list of sorcery / techniques.
  • Description of Elemental Manipulation and of the Elements.
  • Mage-Blade Occult.
  • The Mythrenus Race and tribes.
  • Occult Universal.
  • Advanced Rituals and Recipes.
  • Fully indexed and with some image content.
  • Advanced classes : Lich , Dread Knight , Blood Knight , Warlock etc
  • And even more...
This first demo will be of that category and don't ask why i have not focused on the Player's Handbook First... I ll answer that myself : This project Urged me to make it happen, dunno why :) .

From Sunday 12/11/11 I ll be on a job related trip and I will be at sea for at least 6 days. So until I return, take care! 

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