Thursday, October 13, 2011

Escape Artist Of Reality

  Did you every have the need to escape reality, free yourself of the problems that engulf your life, without the use of drugs or alcohol to seduce your brain cells?
   I do. Often. That need was so dire that i had to write it down. And I did. Though still I could not escape. Friends helped me though. They dropped me in the world of Role Playing Games. At first I thought of it as raw fun. Years later I realized it is a form of Art.

-Scenario, Mythmaking
-World Creation
-Entering another person's view point

   And we played ... until around 8 years have passed. The game has inflicted my dreams aiding my writing. I wish one thing more though, inspire you to enter my realm. To experience the worlds we have created.

                   Welcome to the worlds of Nemesis.

Game category :
-D 10, Pen & Paper RPG.
-Space Opera.
-Anime Oriented.

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